Veterans Day

Honoring ALL who have served



                                   Dewey Campbell                                                                       Navy  WWII

                                   Winston Curtis                                                                       Navy Vietnam

                                   Jesse Darby                                                                                        WWII

                                   Sam Dodson                                                                     Air Force  Korean


                                   Bobby Gwartney Sr.                                                               Army  Vietnam

                                   Jerry Gwartney                                                                          Army Korean

                                   Larry Hollingsworth                                                 National Guard  Vietnam


                                   Harold Irwin                                                              Marine WWII  (Iwo Jima)

                                   Wiley Lewis                                                                                        Korean


                                   Jack Stalcup                                                 Army WWII  (Battle of the Bulge)


                                    Floyd Drinnon

                                    Dale Hughes                                                                            Army Korean

                                    Floyd McDaniel                                                                                    Army

                                    Bert Mitchell                                                                                        WWII